Copyright can be used as a tool to assert and protect one of the key assets of your business. Copyright is the part of intellectual property law that protects literary and artistic works, such as music, books, computer programs and paintings. Such creative work is protected automatically and immediately through its creation. Therefore, no registration of the copyright is required in Sweden.

A copyright gives the creator (also called the author) of the work an exclusive right to control the use of the work. This exclusivity includes the right to decide how and when the work may be performed, distributed and displayed including communication to the public, public performance, public exhibitions, placing copies of the work on sale etc.

Copyright consists of both a so-called moral and an economic right. The moral right includes the author’s right to be mentioned as the creator when the work is made available and the right to the integrity of the work. This means that a work may not be changed or used in a way that violates the moral rights of the author. The moral right can, however, to some extent be waived by the author. The economic right includes the right to reproduce the work and the right to make the work available to the public. The economic rights may be transferred in full. The author can, therefore, choose to license the work or otherwise assign the copyright in full to a third party.

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