Viveca Fallenius appointed Legal Futurist

Synch has since its start strived to be in the forefront when it comes to innovation in the legal sector to better and more efficiently serve its clients and create a sustainable workplace. We see that the role of the lawyer is impacted by digitalization and AI, and Synch wants to take an active role in creating the next generation’s law firm. That’s why we designed this role, the first one of its kind, focused on value-driven innovation to support the long term growth of Synch.

Viveca Fallenius, with an international legal career, a degree from Stanford Law School and experience from design thinking and legal design has been appointed Legal Futurist at Synch. “For me, Synch’s values – transparency, curiosity, friendly and harmony – are a true inspiration for further innovation and to be able to do this in the legal sector sets my soul on fire!  As a modern law firm, we want to infuse empathy and values into our day-to-day practice. That way we support Synch’s ambition to create tomorrow’s law firm, both for our clients and for our employees” says Viveca. She adds: “I’m also eager to work with legal design and I  feel passionate about making law more accessible”.

Jim Runsten, CEO at Synch, adds: “This is an exciting step in the right direction for us and it strengthens our position in the Nordic region as the leading law firm in digital business and tech. This new role confirms our focus on digitalisation, innovation and diversity. We are very pleased that Viveca will take on this role. She has the right mindset, values ​​and drive to take Synch to the next level on our journey forward.”

For questions, please contact Viveca Fallenius at 0761 761 956 or

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Press release

Viveca Fallenius appointed Legal Futurist

December 7, 2018

We have designed this role, the first one of its kind, focused on value-driven innovation to support a long term growth of Synch.


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