As technology is at the heart of its business, Synch has established SynchLab. This is where Synch has centralised its innovation resources and where it develops and tests new tools, services, business models and ideas.

Synch wants to simplify things by making the delivery and management of legal services as efficient, pragmatic and transparent as possible. Synch cares about creating value.

The work at SynchLab can be done as a pure in-house research and development project or as a collaborative project with external parties. Synch encourages its staff to actively participate in the innovation process, testing and development. Synch believes in curiosity and the willingness to embrace the opportunities that technology brings.

Current projects


What if artificial intelligence could be used to further increase efficiency and provide a view alongside the human legal advice? We are building and evaluating a number of AI solutions that we plan to launch in spring 2018.


Synch is launching Synch Sandbox to support early-stage LegalTech startups. The program will offer a full support spectrum for early-stage teams: from product testing and validation to mentorship and access to a pool of investors. Read more about Sandbox here.


Synch are proud to have hosted the Global Legal Hackathon on February 23-25 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Global Legal Hackathon engages law firms, LegalTech companies, law schools and governments internationally to bring together legal innovators. The goal is to support rapid development of solutions to improve the legal industry worldwide.

WeSynch IP

The brand and other intellectual property rights are amongst the most important assets of a company and Synch is assembling a one-stop-shop service for creating and protecting IP.


SynchLab Alumni


Synch’s first innovation from SynchLab was WeSynch with its suite of digital services. It was launched in early 2015 with the following digital services

The development of WeSynch continues and there will be additional services delivered through this platform.


We constantly strive to productify and standardise solutions for the benefit of our clients.

  • Incentive programme, a complete fixed price option programme for the early stage company including legal docs, tax and valuation.
  • Early Stage Review, a standardised legal due diligence excercise.

WeSynch Exposure

WeSynch Exposure is a searchable overview of your legal exposures, facilitating keeping track of status of each matter by receiving notifications when each matter is updated and prior to relevant deadlines.


In collaboration with a leading provider of e-signatures, Synch has included e-signing as a part of our service delivery.

GDPR Compliance check

Our GDPR Compliance check is a products that helps you understand your processing of personal data and we will point out the main compliance issues with respect to your processing of personal data under the GDPR.