Sara Sparring once again received full pot in the World Trademark Review

Congratulations to Sara Sparring and the Trademark-team for the excellent feedback from trademark specialist on the market. The WTR 1000 is the only guide exclusively dedicated to identifying the world’s leading trademark legal services providers. Through an extensive research process conducted by a team of highly qualified, full-time analysts, the publication identifies the leading trademark law firms and individuals in over 80 global jurisdictions and US states.

In WTR 1000 2019 Synch is highlighted as:

“Forward thinking and dynamic, Synch provides speedy responses and advice on matters across the trademark lifecycle. The crew demonstrates a zeal for brand innovation and is in prime position to assist those establishing new and exciting business ventures. Sparring can conduct seizures of imitation products in a flash. She coordinates filings efficiently and negotiates IP-rich deals deftly…… Important news coming out of the set concerns international expansion; the firm has recently established presences in Copenhagen, Oslo and San Francisco.”

We are also proud to announce that Sara Sparring once again is the only Swedish lawyer that is top-ranked in all three categories: anti-counterfeiting, enforcement and litigation and prosecution and strategy.

Read the WTR 1000 2019 here.

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