Dispute Resolution

A commercial dispute is often disruptive to the commercial activities of a company. It is therefore essential to solve the dispute with as little interference as possible. A well prepared legal strategy is fundamental in order to reach a commercially beneficial solution to the dispute.

Synch is not only contacted to assist the client when the dispute is a fact. Synch also assists clients in risk assessment and strategic planning so that the client is well positioned for a possible future dispute or settlement discussion.

Synch assists clients in commercial disputes in courts of law, national and international arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions. For certain disputes, industry expertise is needed. The dispute resolution group at Synch works closely with our in-house experts in areas such as life sciences, IT and telecoms. If the dispute is cross-border, Synch will assign an international team to assist the client in the best possible way.

Contact: Sara Sparring or Ida Häggström