The day-to-day challenges of a corporate grow continuously due to the regulatory landscape and stakeholder expectations of a high level of corporate housekeeping and structured and efficient governance. For listed entities, challenges increase further due to the requirements stipulated in applicable market place regulations, governance codes and specific securities market legislation. For smaller companies, governance structures need to be adapted to the dynamics and needs among shareholders, where a shareholders’ agreement often supplements the statutory provisions of the Companies Act to set out the principles regarding the governance and reporting of the company. Furthermore, CSR matters have been escalated on the public agenda, and corporate compliance and social responsibility are today expected to be an integral part of the DNA of any Corporate.

Synch’s Corporate team is experienced in advising shareholders, boards of directors and management regarding the legal challenges they meet. Synch’s experience ranges from the very first steps of a start-up, via entrepreneur driven companies with external shareholders, to established companies, both listed and unlisted. We understand the various challenges and stakeholder expectations faced by all types of corporates and can adapt our advice to the given situation.

Contact: Tobias Bergström or Oskar Belani