GDPR is Here: So What Now? Niels and Anders are interviewed by about GDPR

Synch’s lawyers Niels Dahl-Nielsen and Anders Holm-Jensen are interviewed by about GDPR. In the interview some of the most popular questions about GDPR compliance is discussed and what that  means moving forward.

Synch advises a variety of companies in both Europe and North America on GDPR compliance. Further, Niels has hosted a number of seminars regarding selected topics from the GDPR, hosted at, where he has provided useful insights regarding implementation of the new regulations for companies.

“In reality, GDPR requires a new, company-wide mindset. You need to look at data now as something you are only borrowing, only for as long as you need it; and you need to be ready to hand it back when you are asked to.”

Read the article here.

For more information, please contact Niels Dahl-Nielsen at +45 4030 9749 or Anders Holm-Jensen, +45 5355 5368.

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Synch Copenhagen and Integra law firms are merging

9 hours ago

The Danish tech-focused law firms Synch and Integra in Copenhagen are merging with effect as of 1 January 2020. The merger will strengthen the position of the merged law firm in the Nordics.

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