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Why you should select Synch's Stock Option Program

  • Qualified advice
  • One-stop-shop with valuation, stock option program and tax assessment
  • Terms and solutions to growth companies
  • Time-efficient and structured process
  • Transparency and clarity
  • Fixed price

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Loop54 is a search engine targeted at e-commerce. It helps customers to find the right products online and to increase conversion from search to purchase by 30-50 percent.

Why did you choose to implement a stock option program?

We wanted to create a sense of community amongst our employees – make them feel as part of the company rather than working for somebody else. We also saw that this kind of benefit provides a strong competitive edge when we look at how other, often more traditional companies motivate and reward their employees.

Why did you choose Synch's?

We experienced an unprecedented clarity and transparency in Synch's offer. It was easy to understand what we bought and we felt safe in what we could expect from the service. In addition, we knew what it would cost. We also felt that Synch understood our challenges and what we needed, which made us feel safe throughout the process. Synch is responsive and active and their optionprograms are clear and easy to implement. I would definitely recommend others to choose Synch's one-stop shop for option programs.


What Synch's Stock Option Program can offer you

Synch offers a one-stop shop at a fixed price. With us you get the whole process including establishment of option programs, company valuation and tax assessment, in a single project and with one contact person. We have developed terms and solutions that are specifically tailored for growth companies and we have extensive experience working with companies in the growth phase that, through option programs, would like to attract key competencies.

The broad outline of the process: 

  • Preparation of term sheet with main terms
  • Valuation of the company
  • Creation of stock option programs with terms specifically adapted to growth companies
  • Tax assessment 
  • Creation of stock options package
  • Creation of emission documents
  • Allotment of options
  • Registration

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