The lawyers at Synch have since the firm’s establishment worked in a close relationship with SecMaker, and have provided valuable legal assistance to the company, in particular regarding licensing, support and distribution agreements.


What is SecMaker?

SecMaker is a Swedish IT security company, specialized in the provision of software and services for PKI-based smart card solutions for secure login. SecMaker’s solutions simplify the access to workstations and computers, mainly in large organizations such as hospitals in the public healthcare sector, to allow login using smart cards and pin codes, which grants a more secure access without the need to manage various passwords. For more information click here.


The Challenge

During the development of SecMaker’s products and service offering, it has been of great importance to ensure a robust legal framework for the provision of licenses, the protection of intellectual property rights and the company’s highly specialized know how. It has been essential in the development of SecMaker’s business model to ensure solid commercial agreements for the software and services provided to its customers, granting them sufficient rights while at the same time ensuring the required protection for SecMaker. Other than the day to day assistance in contract review and negotiation with customers and business partners, Synch has assisted SecMaker in producing a standardized contractual framework, consisting of terms for the company’s various products and services, as well as advising on the company’s trademark position and strategy .


The Solution

Synch’s Advisory Services team has on a continuous basis worked with SecMaker to provide contract advice, create agreement templates, trademark and intellectual property questions as well as acted an advisor on general commercial questions of a legal nature. Synch’s team has included Anders Hellström, David Leffler, Charlotta Emtefall and Jim Runsten.


“With the support of Synch’s lawyers, we instantly spot the essence of the risks involved in our business. Synch has provided continuity and instant access to high quality and cost efficient legal support. Therefore, I warmly recommend Synch”, says Niklas Anderson, Founder and CEO of SecMaker. 

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