Experienced privacy-professional joins Synch in Stockholm

We are happy to welcome Gunilla Modén to Synch, with previous position as Group Data Protection Officer at Ericsson, she will support in strengthening the Synch offerings in particular, in GDPR and other privacy-related legal services.  Gunilla has more than 20 years of experience in different management positions in Ericsson´s global legal function and Gunilla has more than 10 years of experience in global privacy matters, including matters relating to GDPR, international transfers, Binding Corporate Rules, cloud services and whistleblowing systems. Gunilla also has long experience of international contracts and intellectual property rights.

” I am so pleased to be part of such a forward-looking, professional and energetic team as Synch, and I look forward to work with the wide variety of privacy matters that Synch can offer due to its span of clients from start-ups to established companies”., says Gunilla.

We are excited having Gunilla on board with her long practical experience of privacy issues in a truly international environment and having been responsible for the implementation of many of the relevant guidelines and the Binding Corporate Rules within Ericsson. This practical experience will be a very attractive for our customers”., says Jim Runsten”, CEO Synch.

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