27 January

SYNCH4DAYS 27-30 Jan 2020

We are opening the new decade with launching a brand-new signature event, Synch4Days where we will be summarising the last decade, pointing to current practical issues and share thoughts on what the coming decade may bring.


Featuring, among others:

We look forward to welcoming you to one or several of our topics brought to you by Synch and friends.
45 min slots and maximum 20 participants/slot

Synch Law, Birger Jarlsgatan 6


Monday 27 January

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9:00-10:00 Incitamentsprogram

  • Speakers: Synch/Skeppsbron skatt

10:00-11:00 Nordic Integration / Expansion (English)

  • Speakers: Niels Dahl-Nielsen, Synch & Nick Hawtin, Nordic Legal Tech

11:00-12:00 Book discussion: Surveillance Capitalism  (English) 

  • Speaker: Hampus Stålholm, Synch

13:00-14:00 Vad innebär NIS-direktivet?

  • Speaker: Erik Myrberg, Synch

14:00-15:00 Incitamentsprogram

  • Speakers: Synch/Skeppsbron skatt

15:00-16:00 WeSynch – Synchs digitala tjänster för effektivare juridiskt arbete i bolaget

  • Speaker: Magnus Sundqvist, Synch

Tuesday 28 January

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9:00-10:00 Cyberhot och försvar för det digitaliserade företaget

  • Speaker: Mats Hultgren, Truesec AB

10:00-11:00 Creating a Compliance Program 

  • Speaker: Richard Fleetwood, Synch

11:00-12:00 Piratkopiering – en industri

  • Speaker: Sara Sparring, Synch

13:00-14:00 AI för avtalsgranskning

  • Speakers: Magnus Sundqvist, Synch & Daniel Nässelkvist, Dustin

14:00-15:00 Finansiering

  • Speakers: Synch

15:00-16:00 Utmaningar kring investeringar i tidiga skeden

  • Speaker: Anette Nordvall, Keiretsu

Wednesday 29 January

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9:00-10:00 Inför kapitalanskaffning

  • Speakers: Synch

10:00-11:00 Whistle-blowing and performing internal investigations 

  • Speaker: Richard Fleetwood, Synch

11:00-12:00 AI för avtalsgranskning

  • Speakers: Magnus Sundqvist, Synch & Daniel Nässelkvist, Dustin

13:00-14:00 Att söka tillstånd hos Finansinspektionen 

  • Speaker: Johan Ragnar, Synch

14:00-15:00 Marknadsföringslagen för annonsörer

  • Speakers: My Byström, Mathilda Nordmark & Ludvig Wallrup, Synch

15:00-16:00 Schrems II (English)

  • Speakers: Dena Dervanovic, Synch & Max Schrems, NOYB

Thursday 30 January

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9:00-10:00 Molntjänster och CLOUD Act 

  • Speakers: Erik Myrberg & Josefin Skyttedal, Synch

10:00-11:00 Skåne – Sveriges nya techcenter? 

  • Speakers: Johan Ragnar, Synch & David Nilsson Sträng, HETCH

11:00-12:00 Neobankernas intåg i Sverige 

  • Speakers: Johan Ragnar, Synch & Hanna Johansson, Revolut Nordics

13:00-14:00 AI and Ethics (English)

  • Speakers: Jim Runsten, Synch & Daniel Akenine, Microsoft

14:00-15:00 SEO – strategi 101 för alla varumärken

  • Speakers: My Byström, Synch & Sabine Ljunggren, Anegy

15:00-16:00 Ett starkt varumärke

  • Speakers: My Byström & Mathilda Nordmark, Synch



News and Insights
Blog Posts

The Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal

4 hours ago

This blog post was written by Veronica Uddsten, lawyer at Synch Businesses compete not only with their goods and services but also with their sales terms. By giving customers e.g. the possibility to return products if not satisfied, companies may become more attractive. In this blog post in our series on consumer protection, we will examine […]

Press release

Synch advises Greenstep on its first International expansion


Synch is happy to announce that Greenstep has expanded its business to Sweden. Synch acted as legal advisor to Greenstep OY in connection with the expansion. Starting the Swedish business was possible through the acquisition of Melin & Worge Ekonomibyrå. The team today consist of ten people  with the ambition to double the team during […]


Sara Sparring is named in the 2020 edition of WIPR Leaders


We are delighted Synch´s Sara Sparring is named in the 2020 edition of WIPR Leaders . Profiling the leading IP practitioners from around the world, All Leaders were chosen after a four month nomination process, in which WIPR sought views from 12,000 IPprofessionals. You can view the online directory here.

Blog Posts

Order in the Order Process


This blog post is written by Veronica Uddsten, lawyer at Synch You may be at a point where you have identified a great offering to consumers, and now you are faced with the challenge of putting together an online shop through which consumers can take part of such offering. This leads to the questions what to keep […]

Publications Publikationer

Lyssna på Plånboken om piratkopior, aktörerna bakom piratkopiorna och riskerna med att köpa piratkopierade produkter i P1, SR Play


En av Synchs grundare, advokat Sara Sparring (ordförande i SACG) i Sveriges Radio P1 ”Plånboken” om piratkopior, aktörerna bakom piratkopiorna och riskerna med att köpa piratkopierade produkter. Lyssna här

Press release

Synch Copenhagen and Integra law firms are merging


The Danish tech-focused law firms Synch and Integra in Copenhagen are merging with effect as of 1 January 2020. The merger will strengthen the position of the merged law firm in the Nordics.