Synch is the first law firm offering Digital Witnesses through blockchain technology

Synch is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with iDefendo, a unique event-logging tool specialising in services for intellectual property-intensive businesses. The service is integrated into Synch’s digital platform, WeSynch, and provides evidence binders for showing track records.

The new service can be used for all logged events in WeSynch and every event creates Digital Witnesses through blockchain technology. These witnesses are collected into Evidence Binders that can be downloaded if users need to prove something regarding the files that they store in WeSynch. In case of a document ownership conflict, the Digital Witnesses can be used to validate copyright claims, stated intentions, ownership of IP and contractual agreements.

“Working closely with iDefendo on this new innovative platform has been very exciting. We are very pleased to be able to offer this new tool to our clients. We are certain that our clients will benefit greatly from having Digital Witnesses as a part of their intellectual property protection strategy” says Magnus Sundqvist, Head of Digital Services.

“iDefendo helps business prove ownership of their ideas and content. Our Digital Witnesses provide reliable timestamps proving that a document existed at a certain time”, says Peter Jidesten, co-founder and CEO of iDefendo”. “Choosing Synch as our partner came natural as they are at the forefront of legal innovation and is also a gamechanger in the legal market.”, Peter Jidesten continues.

For more information, please contact Magnus Sundqvist, Head of Digital Services,, +46 761 761 957

Read more about Idefendo here.

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