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Why WeSynch Create?

WeSynch Create is a service for creators and anyone with intellectual property to protect. WeSynch Create provides a convenient solution for sharing your intellectual property while securing your hard work and dedication, all in one place.

By uploading your sensitive documents to the your WeSynch Create page you are not only storing it, but also creating a legal evidence binder which is stored on the Bitcoin-blockchain. This evidence binder is kept up-to-date and keeps a record of changes you make to a document, including when you send that document to a third-party. Due to the nature of the blockchain structure, your evidence binder is practically immutable, meaning that the evidence binder always portrays the absolute truth of what has happened to the document and when.

This is an extremely valuable asset when disputes arise as to whom intellectual property belongs to, since the evidence binder portrays the definitive and mathematical proof of events correlating to the document, starting from the moment the document is uploaded to the folder structure.

WeSynch Create also provides you with legal document templates relevant to your field as a creator. Just fill in the blanks and you are all set. If you require further assistance with your legal documents our lawyers our more than happy to help with any inquiries.


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