GDPR inspection questionnaires released

Synch’s David Møller, who is specialized in data protection law, provides insights about the Danish Data Protection Agency (DDPA) has released GDPR inspection questionnaires.

For the first time, the Danish Data Protection Agency (DDPA) offers insights – for the general public – into examples of inspection questionnaires issued by the authority preceding physical inspections under the GDPR.

Out of this limited sample, emphasis evolves around systematic deletion of personal data, consent as the basis of data processing where the DDPA is particularly interested in consents obtained around the time, when the GDPR could be enforced (25 May 2018).

The DDPA stress that questions will vary under each inspection and that these released samples, accordingly, cannot be construed as a complete checklist. In our view, they do, however, offer an interesting and valued peek into the line of thinking with the authority until further precedence evolve.

Synch will be watching new developments closely.

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