01 January

Synch Tech Series – Gene Editing

The Synch Tech Series is a forum where various new technologies are explained, analysed and discussed from technology, business and legal perspectives.

During the last years the field of genome engineering has taken huge steps forward. Along with the progress, many questions have arisen regarding technical development and business possibilities as well as legality and ethical issues. What is possible with genome engineering today? What opportunities lie around the corner or on the horizon? What is legally possible now and in the future? These questions will be discussed when some of the most experienced people within gene editing meet at Synch on 16 February 2016.

Roger Chang is a researcher at KI specializing in cancer and RNA and is the chairman of the RNA society in Stockholm. At the event Roger will give you an insight into the possibilities of modern gene editing techniques and the related costs.

Ryan Bethencourt, from the start-up accelerator Indie Bio in San Francisco, is a scientist, entrepreneur and biohacker who for the last decade has worked in the biopharmaceutical industry to partner on and develop novel drugs. He has had numerous publications in magazines such as Wired, Forbes and TechCrunch and will talk about the business opportunities related to this new technology.

Bo Ekstrand, from Bio Consult AB, has been responsible for a national GMO-network in Sweden since the mid-nineties, focussing on legal and ethical questions regarding genome editing, primarily in the food industry. Bo will give an overview of what is legal today and what is happening (or not happening) within the EU and other parts of the world.

Marie Nyman is the Administrative Director of Gentekniknämnden (the Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board). Marie has extensive knowledge within the field and will participate in the event and join the following Q&A panel.

The event will be moderated by Hannes Sjöblad. Hannes is an entrepreneur, Singularity University Ambassador and a co-founder of the Swedish biohackers association BioNyfiken. He is passionate about the synthetic biology business and its World changing potential.

17.00 Doors open
17.30 Presentations and Q&A panel
19.00 Networking
21.00 Doors close

Take the opportunity to learn more about gene editing, ask questions to experts within the field and network with the Synch community! Sign up here or send an e-mail to event@synchlaw.se

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