Synch København og Integra fusionerer

Pressemeddelelse Publiceret 23 januar 2020

Synch og Integra Advokater i København fusionerer med virkning fra 1. januar. Med fusionen udbygger det fusionerede selskab sin position som specialiseret tech-advokatfirma med lokal forankring i Norden.

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Synch Announces Partnership with Slush- Hosts Roundtable Discussions for Founders on November 29


Slush, the world-renowned yearly event for startups, has grown by the year to become one of Europe’s absolute musts for startups, investors and anyone involved in the tech-community.

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Synch in Article on the Digitalization of the Legal Sector


Synch named by researcher as a good example of a firm that has adjusted its business to the modern digital context.

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Synch featured in Cruitway’s blog


In the company’s latest blogpost the fast growing, swedish start-up Cruitway writes about how Synch recruited Sonia Hussain and Veronica Uddsten as summer interns by the use of modern digital recruitment services offered by Cruitway.

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Jim Runsten interviewed by Computer Sweden


In the interview Jim, who has a solid background within IT law, explained how Synch provides the digital legal services WeSynch by using cloud services.