Through Synch’s Managed legal services, SynchWherever, Synch acts as an in-house legal department for Flexenclosure as it has chosen not to set up such a function of its own. Synch provides the capabilities and accessibility of a large in-house legal department, at a considerably lower cost.


What is Flexenclosure?

Flexenclosure is a designer and manufacturer of prefabricated modular data centres and intelligent power management solutions. Flexenclosure provides companies with the means to easily and cost effectively expand their data and telecom networks and improve operational efficiency and profitability. Flexenclosure is headquartered in Stockholm with offices also in India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and the UAE. For more information click here.


The Challenge

Flexenclosure had decided not to build up an internal legal department so it had to find a legal advisor that understands the business and that also could act as an in-house legal department and support the business when required.


The Solution

Through SynchWherever, Flexenclosure is provided with the capabilities and accessibility of a large in-house legal department, at a substantially lower cost. It provides flexibility that can be scaled up or down as work intensity varies over time. In the delivery of SynchWherever, Synch has assumed full, functional responsibility for Flexenclosure´s need for legal support both in and outside Sweden.

Synch lawyers with competencies from several practice areas have been involved in the team, including Corporate, Commercial and Litigation. In addition, Synch has provided a lawyer to serve as the Secretary of the Board. An important feature has also been to continuously provide legal training to the company’s sales force. The SynchWherever service has primarily been provided remotely, but also on site and has included supporting negotiations.

Synch´s team consists of Andreas Börjesson, Charlotta Emtefall, Peter Eriksson, Anders Hellström, Sofia Stecksén and Johan Tydén.


“We have been very satisfied with the support and we are very enthusiastic about SynchWherever by which we have access to a broad variety of competencies, whenever we need, but still at a fixed monthly cost. We have been very impressed by all the lawyers´ understanding of our business and their dedication and focus on achieving our commercial objectives. Since we have international investors and board members, it has also been very important to have a competent external support responsible for all the secretarial work for the Board”, says David King, CEO, Flexenclosure

The team on this case