Managed services

Sometimes there may be a need to perform or replace a legal or compliance function within a business. Synch’s Managed Services business unit will adapt to each client’s needs.


If a business has not yet reached the size where it makes sense to build its own in-house legal department it may still have the need for continuous legal support. If a business has an in-house legal department there may also be instances where it will have the temporary need of additional or replacement support.

Synch has a solution that can be tailored to your needs. This service could either involve a total functional responsibility for your legal support (“Outsourced Legal Function”) or continuous support in connection with e.g. holidays, absences or just an increased workload (“Secondment support”).

The SynchWherever service can be performed either from Synch’s offices or the client’s office or as a complete virtual service.


Synch is always looking for great lawyers who could fit into its team so if your company believes that having its own in-house legal department is no longer appropriate for its needs, Synch would be interested in having a discussion on how it could provide a new challenging platform for these lawyers.

Contact: Anders Hellström