photo-1429637119272-20043840c013What is personal data? All data that can directly or indirectly identify a person is considered personal data – even if such identification cannot be made by the entity which is the processor of the data. Further, all use of personal data is considered processing under the personal data legislation. Therefore the rules on processing of personal data is applicable to several types of data – names, telephone numbers but also IP-addresses and location data – which one may not perceive as personal data. Each measure taken with personal data is considered as processing including storing, deletion and collection of the data. The rules regarding personal data is therefore relevant for all companies that have relations with individuals whether as customers, suppliers, employees or that use data about individuals in any way.

Why is it important? Personal data is information of great importance for a company’s business. Not only for its internal business, but for the value the data itself holds. The processing of personal data is increasing with the technical possibilities to track individual’s behaviors. Such data can be sold and commercialized and therefore has great value. The use of personal data is also sensitive from an integrity perspective. Unlawful use of personal data can create bad-will with consumers. New legislation is underway which will entail large fines for unlawful processing of personal data. Therefore it is important to gain knowledge about the personal data legislation and to implement the legislation to your business.

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