Get access to the knowledge, advice and templates to launch your company in Sweden and to build a valuable business. Have access to the combined industry expertise of Synch, as well as FAQ and the growing database of template agreements based on benchmarking with our clients – the leading businesses in Sweden.


Search, read and download fair and standardized templates and practical checklists on key phases of early stage companies:

  • Create & Protect: intellectual property, secrecy strategy and NDAs, online terms, privacy
  • Build your team: employment agreements, consultancy agreements, etc.
  • Build your company: incl. suite of templates and documents to incorporate your business
  • Raise Capital: incl. startupdocs such as terms sheet, shareholders’ agreement, and more.

The document suite is created by Synch Advokat AB’s lawyers and is subject to constant development and contains as per today 60 + documents in Swedish and in English.



The free level includes access to a growing selection of model NDAs, knowledge, practical checklists and rough drafts of model agreements such as, e.g. Shareholders’ Agreement, Privacy Policy, Consultancy Agreement.

The premium level gives you access to the complete selection of template agreements, at a symbolic fee per calendar year.

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