Digital services

Synch’s Digital Services business unit is able to extend its advice aimed at providing better and more flexible services to clients. It also supports Synch’s other business units by making their service delivery more efficient.



Synch’s WeSynch, offers a series of qualitative and easily accessible digital legal services, smartly pre-packed for full transparency in both service content and pricing. Synch uses output pricing, meaning that clients pay for the added value of services and not for the amount of hours spent on providing the advice. Fixed pricing makes Synch innovative in the way it works in order to be able to deliver clients more value at less cost. . Synch constantly works to develop and enhance WeSynch to ensure that the content is always up to date with market requirements. WeSynch includes:

  • WeSynch Corporate – Take control over the present to build the future with Contract Management and Corporate-housekeeping solutions


 Contact: Jim Runsten